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Hanpin is devoted to customer's satisfaction. Therefore we never compromise regarding quality assurance. Indeed Hanpin's credibility is priceless. We are dedicated to the "Zero Defect" philosophy

By focusing on quality assurance we always keep in mind our customer's requirement. Consequently we are able to create a long-term business relationship with our customers by understanding their expectations and earning their trust.

Indeed we aim to increase customer's confidence and satisfaction and our credibility, to improve our work processes and efficiency, and to enable us to compete more efficiently with our rivals.

When we develop a product for our customer, we always verify that this product meet our customer's requirement. This is why we are proud to be an ISO- 9001:2000 certified Company. This proves that Hanpin's quality assurance system is in place and effective. Buying Hanpin's products offers you the guarantee that we will deliver you quality products and the product you were looking for.

During the beginning of the project, Hanpin's QA team tries to prevent any matter that may appear, according to the customer's requirement. Our QA team always strictly respect customer's requirement. Quality assurance allows us to discover defects and eliminate them at the beginning of the application which allows us to provide our customer the product he required us without any delay.

We exclusively use components that are regularly controlled with the latest and most rigorous tests. We only use precise instruments for infallible analysis of the quality product. IQC system allows us to provide a stable and quality product. We never take for granted our product quality this is why we keep innovate in term of quality and safety.

Hanpin complies with International regulations regarding quality product and assurance. Therefore we are able to provide you testing to enable you to obtain numerous certificate covering: CE,FCC,CB,UL,CUL,ETL,ETLc,CCC,PSE,...

Furthermore, Hanpin respects the PDCA method recycles.