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Hanpin can customize your Audio-equipment to fulfill your exclusive requirement.

Our dedicated customize team will work to customize the product that fits your need and requirement. Hanpin is an ISO-9001:2000 & ISO-9002 certified company. Consequently our products go through strict quality controls to ensure that the product you will meet your needs and demand. We are dedicated to guarantee you that our quality product will be delivered punctually. Indeed we react promptly to our customer's requirement because we consider that our customers are our main priority. Our efficient after service department will always be available to assist you.

Hanpin is aware of the necessity for customers to have high quality products and unique design. Therefore we are able to satisfy our customers who have particular needs that are specialized to a particular system or application. We provide samples to offer you a wider choice to determine the suitable equipment
for your needs.

We constantly keep in mind that high quality product requires a high quality in terms of technique, material, design, and production.

We are capable to handle the different stages of the conception of any equipment:
initial concept discussion, industry design, packaging design,"R and D".We are rigorous concerning the numerous elements of the product development:product positioning, functional design, esthetic design, components, product test.

Before the design and "R & D" stage, we hardly study the market through surveys.
Then we compare similar product with the one we intend to design. We draw an engineering plan and evaluate the final cost.

We provide the most advanced S/W systems and H/W instruments.