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Research & Development
Customized Design
Quality Assurance
Customer's Satisfaction

Hanpin constantly invest in the latest technology to provide the top quality and most innovative product. Indeed we have continually expanded the size of our R&D Department and increase its resources to be able to satisfy our customer's satisfaction by proposing innovating products and delivering products customers are requiring. Therefore we have the ability to develop innovative, premium products through specialized new technology.

We understand the importance of software, firmware, and hardware in the digital world. We integrate these elements in our products to be able to propose modular design, to reduce cost of products, and to improve the functionality of our products.

Hanpin has a leadership in the DSP Technology. The 3rd generation of DSP integrates each media platform and allows communication between different PC interfaces. This integration increases the speed of the process and strengthens and multiplied the functions. Consequently we are able to reduce the numbers of IC components, therefore reduce the product's cost.

Future Development
We plan to integrate video and wireless technology to our future products

Talented workforce
Our experienced and qualified innovators team is always aware of the latest trends and customers behaviors. They are able to promptly develop a product that will satisfy our customers with a superior performance due to a Technologically Advanced Equipment.

Our Patented products
We have numerous patents related to Digital imitation analog turntable technology, digital/analog dual playback, analog turntable driven and steady tech and recordable analog/digital turntable