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Without innovation, the evolution of products, systems, and solutions are easy to be predicted because it follows the line of natural evolution. Innovation is the energy that modifies the future and is the essence for creating the values Hanpin bring to customers worldwide.

Hanpin is willing to offer a new point of reference for the market. We have a long history in term of design, development of professional audio products and systems. These innovations have created the true values and the good reputation of Hanpin.

Therefore, for more than 40 years, Hanpin's purpose and priority are not only to follow the steps and strategies of our competitors, but to propose a new approach in the market which allows us to stay ahead of our competitors regarding innovation, quality product, and customer's satisfaction.

Over the years, Hanpin has constantly showed is determination to innovate. This determination takes its source in Hanpin's commitment to satisfy customers with outstanding quality and innovative products.

This is why Hanpin remains competitive for more than 40 years with the extraordinary spirit of creation of our innovators team and the use of specialized new technologies in our products.